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Wissahickon Valley Historical Society, Library Genealogy Holdings, March 2021

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There are three lists: 

Reference books

Genealogy records contributed by local families

Table of Contents to a WVHS file of shorter genealogy records

Reference Books (bound)

Biographical Annals, Montgomery County, PA. 2 vols. n.p.: n.p., 1904.

Conra, John and Sara. Thomas Kunders, 1683-2021. Self-published for Clan Reunion. n.p.: n.p., n.d.

Heads of Families: First Census. n.p.: n.p., 1790.

Hunsberger, George S. The Hunsbergers. 3 vols. Gateway, Baltimore, 1995.

Lee, Alice Macdonell. Their Several Generations. Interstate: Plainfield, NJ, n.d.

Riley, David Joseph. William Riley (1798-1873) of Connecticut and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania: His Descendants in Southeastern Pennsylvania and               Atlantic City, New Jersey. Heritage: Berwyn Heights, MD, 2022.

Salisbury, Edward Elbridge. Family Memorials: A Series of Genealogical and Biographical Monographs on the Families of Salisbury, Aldworth-Elbridge,                     Sewall, Plydren-Dummer, Walley, Quiney, Gookin, Wendell, Breese, Chevalier-Anderson, and Phillips.2 Parts/Vols. Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor: New             Haven, 1885.

Salisbury, Edward Elbridge, and Evelyn McCurdy Salisbury.  Family Histories and Genealogies. [Griswold, Wolcott, Pitkin, Ogden, Johnson, and Diodati. With           notes on DeWolf, Drake, Bond and Swayne , and Dunbar]. (3 vols. plus Pedigree Chart). Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor: New Haven, 1892.

Schmidt, Johann Peter and Elizabeth. Gerhart Family of…Montgomery Co, PA, 1738-1989. 2 vols. Gateway, Baltimore, 1990.

Strassburger, Ralph. The Strassburger Family and Allied Families of Pennsylvania. n.p.: n.p., 1922.

Zimmerman, C. Edwards. Down on the Farm. Friends: Philadelphia, 1997.

Genealogical Records Contributed by Local Families (one binder for each)

Ambler, Mary – family

Beck, Clara

Boccuti, Madelina, and Nicola family

Cappuccio family

Conrad family

Degn, Alice and William (Hope Lodge)

Detwiler, Joseph. Family Papers #2809-(1-74)

Driedger, Arthur

Fitzwater family

Haywood family

Kilson, Martin

Layman, Burk, Hague – family

Manderley Farm, Penllyn Pike

Martino family

Mattison family

Miller, Katherine, Drieder Martin Kilson

Murphy family

Riles family

Rotelle family

Russo family

Schneider/Heckler family

Theel family

Table of Contents, WVHS File of Genealogy Records (one binder for all)

Tracing Your Family History and Collecting Oral History. Rose Brown

Pennsylvania Land Records. Donna Bingham Munger

St. John Lutheran Church. Skippack Pike, Center Square, PA (Old Cemetery Section listed alphabetically)

St. John Lutheran Church. Center Square, PA (Old Section Records)

St. John Lutheran Church. Center Square, PA (New Section Records)

History of the Blanche Deck House and the McLeister House, Ambler

Cpl. James A. Dea, Ambler

Joseph Ambler Family. Montgomery Township

The Hoopes and Townsend Mill. Bob Virkler

Catharine & John Phipps. Boehm’s Church, Bob Whittock

Harry H. Tippin Family. Whitpain

The Whitpain Family

The David Leech Family, Ambler, with Photo #2217-9

Harmer-Harmar Family, Ambler, Raymand A. Biswanger Jr., Ph.D.

Letter Dated August 9, 2012: Subject: Schneider/Rempp/Margargel Connections

Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia 1682-1750

Families Buried At Old Mount Pleasant Church, Ambler

Conrad and Anna Brunner

The Claudius W. Haywood Family 1795-1913

Document: Marriage of Samuel S. Jones of Philadelphia and Amanda Montanye of Berks Co. PA

Photograph: The Norris S. Barratt family (Penllyn PA)

Photograph: Charles Henry Jones and Evelyn Rodman Drayton

Letter DATED JUNE 10, 1981: John and Pricilla [sic] Ambler (Gwynedd, PA)

Letter Dated November 25, 1981: Isaac Halstead and Caroline Linkletter

The Erb Famly. Johanne Casper Erb and Margaretha Metger, Cortlandt S. Morris, Frances M. Treisbach

Letter from Joe Evans, Royersford, PA, dated February 8, 2004. Robert Evans, Lower Gynedd

Harmer-Morris-Detwiler House