Stroll Blue Bell

Blue Bell’s Finest was a monthly social magazine for residents of the Blue Bell Country Club, located on land that was part of Whitpain Township’s historic Normandy Farm.  In July 2022, the magazine became Stroll Blue Bell, to indicate that is part of a national effort to help create community.  The publication has kindly asked WVHS to contribute local history articles, which are available here.

East House at Montgomery County Community College – March 2023

A History of de Kalb, A Revolutionary War Soldier – February 2023

Around Town and the Neighborhood – January 2023

The Depression Era’s Gingerbread House – December 2022

The 150 Year Old Nick Nack Shoppe – November 2022

The Boxwood, A 1730 Farmhouse – October 2022

The Creamery in the 1880s and Today – September 2022

The Rising Sun Tavern – August 2022

A Seldom Seen Historic Site – July 2022

Did You Know We Live in Franklinville? – June 2022

Reed’s Country Store- A Revolutionary War Landmark – May 2022

What Are Those Old Stone Markers Along the Road ?- April 2022

The Colossus Across the Street – March 2022

Normandy Farm Owners, The Strassburgers – February 2022

The Historic Franklinville School – December 2021

Identify Those Silos – November 2021

The Famous Triple Silos at Normandy Farm – October 2021

Franklinville School’s Connection to Normandy Farm, Part Two – September 2021

Franklinville School’s Connection to Normandy Farm – August 2021

The Fall of Wentz Run Park’s Pignut Hickory Tree – June 2021

Amazing History Across the Street – May 2021

Evans-Mumbower Mill – June 2017

Early Mills of the Wissahickon Valley – March 2017

The Mighty Wissahickon Creek – January 2017

Roth Living Farm Museum – December 2016

Montgomery County Community College, Past and Present – September 2016

Blue Bell Country Club – June 2016

Behind the White Walls of Normandy Farms, Since 1911 – April 2016

Center Square Fire Company, Serving Whitpain Since 1913 – March 2016

The Iconic and Ageless Blue Bell Inn, Established 1743 – January 2016

A Sneak Into Blue Bell’s Past – Wissahickon Valley Public Library – December 2015

Skippack Pike. What a Strange Name for a Road! – November 2015

Oldest Congregation Dates Back to 1747 – October 2015

The Franklinville One Room School – September 2015

The 1895 Public School – August 2015

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