Timeline of the Ambler Yards Site, formerly Amchem Products

Amchem in 1957
Ambler Yards 2019

1923         Due to the rapid growth of the American Chemical Paint Company, James Harvey Gravell purchased property at the Ambler site and began construction on Building #1.

1924         J.E. Marsden Glass Works purchased property, with buildings, and established a glass works at the Ambler site until they closed in 1935.

1924         James Harvey Gravell relocated the American Chemical Paint Company from Philadelphia to Ambler in March 1924.

1935         American Chemical Paint Company, in need of additional space, purchased the closed J.E. Marsden Glass Works and began to renovate and consolidate the properties with their existing plant facilities.  The laboratory, in Building #1, was increased in size and the additional buildings were utilized in the manufacture of the chemical products, which were applied to various metals, producing products for the building and automotive industries, i.e. Henry Ford.

1958         American Chemical Paint Company’s name was changed to Amchem Products, Inc., since the company did not make paint.

1968         Amchem Products formed a joint venture with Rorer Pharmaceuticals becoming Rorer-Amchem, maintaining the Amchem Products, Ambler site.

1976         Rorer Amchem’s joint venture was dissolved and Amchem Products was sold to Union Carbide, including both the Metalworking and Agricultural divisions, along with the Ambler site.

1977         Union Carbide sold the Metalworking Division to Henkel Corporation and it remained at the Ambler site.

1981         Union Carbide relocated the Agricultural Division from Ambler to Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and sold the Ambler site to the Henkel Corporation.  Henkel began to relocate several of their businesses and research to the Ambler site.

1987         Henkel Corporation purchased Parker Chemical Company, based in Madison Heights, Michigan.  Henkel then relocated the Metalworking Division of Amchem Products from Ambler to Madison Heights, Michigan to form Parker-Amchem.

1988         Henkel Corporation purchased the Process Chemical Division of Diamond Shamrock, based in Morristown, New Jersey, and relocated their administration and research positions to the Ambler site.

1999         Henkel Corporation reorganized many of its businesses in the United States, including the businesses based at the Ambler site, and changed the corporate name to COGNIS Corporation.

2000         Henkel Coatings and Inks Division became COGNIS Coatings and Inks Division, Ambler, PA.

2010         BASF, a German chemical company, purchased COGNIS Corporation, along with the Ambler site.  BASF ceased operations at the site in 2013.

2015   Ambler Yards acquired the Ambler site to redevelop the historic site into an innovative, premier workplace for the next generation.